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“Over the past 15 years Flexible Resources has sourced over two dozen marketing professionals for our consulting firm. Each has been impressive and 100% professional. In addition to their exceptional quality, they add value with their recommendations and ideas on how to improve our processes.”

Managing Director, Financial Services Marketing Research and Consultants

Proven Professionals – The Facts

Flexible Resources represents professionals who measure their success with results instead of face-time. Through flexible work arrangements including consulting, interim assignments, and part-time work options, our mid-to-senior level managers are able to be major contributors to their work teams while achieving work–life balance. 

Our candidates stand out from the pack and possess highly sought-after credentials and attributes.  Here’s what you can expect

  • More than 70% hold MBAs or other postgraduate degrees.  We introduced the phrase “MBA moms” into the flexible workplace lexicon to describe our candidates’ exceptional education and skills.
  • Have 10 to 15+ years of work experience in marketing, human resources, finance, and related fields.
  • Demonstrate great depth and breadth of experience rather than a narrow career focus, making them versatile multitaskers.
  • Are highly motivated to build a long-term track record of success based on a strong work ethnic, a solid self-image, and the ability to maximize flextime.
  • Have a fierce commitment to work–life  balance, making them highly resourceful, productive, and focused, whether in a full- or part-time position, as a contract, or a permanent employee.
  • Are creative outside-the-box thinkers with a willingness to tackle all types of situations and assignments; they place greater importance on the actual work than the title.
  • Exhibit a roll-up-the-sleeves attitude that translates into excellent management skills and leading by example.