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“We’ve hired a number of contract part-time marketing professionals.  All have excellent education and work experience; a couple have turned into full-time hires.  Flexible Resources gets it right and we have the retention to show for it.”

Senior VP Human Resources,
Combe, Inc.
(consumer packaged goods)

Flexible Resources will help

  • Create a committed, productive cost-effective workforce suited to today’s 24/7 global economy
  • Hire experienced, knowledgeable professionals within budget
  • Staff up quickly and efficiently without settling for second best
  • Compete with major rivals for premium talent
  • Cope with fluctuating workloads
  • Tap into a talent pool that traditional job searches don’t access
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Fully exploit new technologies that allow for productive off-site and off-hours work


Smart Business Starts Here

Proven professionals to fit each need; flexible work arrangements
to fit every company

The first thing you will notice about Flexible Resources is that we don’t think like a traditional placement agency.  We think traditional is great for certain things (like turkey at Thanksgiving and tennis whites at Wimbledon).  But when it comes to hiring, we think workplace flexibility and creative, strategic, out-of-the-box thinking are what yield results.

By tapping into our flexible talent pool of marketing, finance, and human resource professionals, businesses open up to a broader range of talent and acquire a cost-effective way to manage their workforce.  Workplace flexibility structures the position according to work flow, focusing on real-time workplace demands and deadlines. It’s a different approach to working, valuing results over face-time, and, as hundreds of Flexible Resources’ clients have come to appreciate, it works.

The key to our success is two-fold:

  1. We conduct in-depth personal interviews with EVERY candidate, in which we go beyond looking at experience, skills, and education to explore their motivation for flexibility and their ultimate career and life goals. In short, we look at the whole person and are able to place them in a workplace culture that works for them – and for you.  Our contract executives, part-time professionals, and interim consultants are more than their resumes. And we maintain a relationship with every candidate long after the interview is over.
  2. We consider each placement part of the big picture. We consult with hiring managers to structure jobs creatively for long-term organizational strength, and we advise them on how to manage, evaluate, and compensate flexible employees.

We often take our clients from, “We’ve never done that before.”
to ”Why didn’t I think of that sooner?”

Workplace flexibility can take various forms such as permanent part-time; job sharing; telecommuting; consulting positions; short- and long-term projects (including filling in for maternity and disability leaves, back-filling open full-time positions, and seasonal work); and creative full-time arrangements.

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