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Flexible Resources:
Champions of Workplace Flexibility and You

We understand that there are many reasons people need flexible work schedules – they are simply a fact of life. We also understand that technology allows greater flexibility in the workplace.  Our focus is to find the right fit for you; to place you in a position that will maximize your talents and meet your short- or long-term goal, whether it is to have a part-time finance job, a contract marketing job, or to be an interim human resources professional.

Flexible Resources is not a job board, and our candidates are more than a name in a database and qualifications on a resume. We specialize in “proven professionals” – those who have established a history of success within their field. We get to know each candidate’s

  • Skills and strengths
  • Work experience and related education
  • Personality and workplace culture fit
  • Lifestyle and need for flexibility

After 20 years of placing professionals in flexible positions, we know the questions to ask, the areas to probe, and the wide range of solutions to many problems. Our client base includes top businesses and nonprofits in the New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey tri-state areas. The companies we work with understand the value of the flexible professional and have come to depend on us as a reliable source of top-drawer talent. 

How do you get started? First you need to register with Flexible Resources. We will get in touch with you to arrange an in-person interview at which time we will discuss your professional background, your motivation for working flexibly, and explore what opportunities might be available.

Keep in mind that some of the best opportunities are right where you work.  Before you decide to look at a part-time, flex-time, contract, or interim job at another company, we strongly recommend that you start with your current employer. But you need to have a plan! Making the Proposal is a step-by-step guide to preparing a thoughtful, well-written proposal that can help create a win-win situation for you and your employer.
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