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Making the Flexible Work Arrangement Proposal

How to Propose a Flexible Work Arrangement:

Some of the best flexible work opportunities are where you currently work – you are a proven performer and the company has already made an investment in you. Before you decide to look for a flexible work arrangement at another company, we strongly recommend that you start right where you are to discuss options such as project work, telecommuting, a job share, or a part-time job.

Below is a step-by-step guide to preparing a thoughtful,
well-written proposal.


Do your homework

Identify the different types of flexible work arrangements – project work, telecommuting, a job share, or part-time job – and consider which one(s) make the most sense in your position.

Contact your Human Resources representative and find out what types of flexible work arrangements your employer may be open to and what guidelines, if any, are in place.

If there's a written policy, review it and learn how benefits, compensation, and career track are affected by flexibility.