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Many Women in Flexible Jobs are Family Breadwinners

Twenty-seven percent of women working as professionals in flexible, part-time jobs are family breadwinners, meaning they make more than 50 percent of their household income. Another 26 percent are earning equal to their spouses.

Together these groups account for 53 percent of women working in flexible professional jobs who responded to a recent survey conducted by Flexible Resources®, Inc., a staffing and consulting firm in Connecticut and New Jersey, specializing in creating flexible work arrangements at the professional level. Those in the “breadwinner” group earn an average personal income of $85,000. In general, all women in the survey reported an average personal income of $62,000, up from $48,000 when we first surveyed this group three years ago.

More than 200 women working in flexible jobs at all types of companies, from small start-ups to the Fortune 500, responded to our survey.

These statistics demonstrate that flexibility is not a passing phase to deal with child care, but a long-term, effective lifestyle choice.

For many women, flexible jobs are long-term, serious career choices that enable them to function most effectively at both home and work. These flexible positions are key to their families support system, both financially and emotionally. Many women working in part-time jobs are not merely “keeping busy” or mommy-tracking themselves until their kids are in school.

Another telling statistic about the changing nature of flexible work arrangements: 56 percent of women in flexible professional positions say they have no intention of returning to a conventional 9-to-5 work schedule.

“These statistics demonstrate that many women working part-time at the professional level take their careers seriously, but now have a greater understanding of how making the choice for flexibility has impacted every aspect of their lives,” says Nadine Mockler, co-founder of Flexible Resources® based in Stamford, CT with offices in Hartford and Fairfield, NJ . Contact: Redbird Communications, Joyce Fredo: 203-968-0786.