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STAMFORD, CT September 15, 2008 -- It’s been 20 years since the term “Mommy Track” was coined, and coincidently, it’s been 20 years since the founding of Flexible Resources, Inc., the nation’s first workplace consulting firm dedicated to creating work/life balance for working moms.
    “There’s no such thing as a woman in a fulltime high-powered job who is also a hockey mom, soccer mom or whatever,” says Nadine Mockler, president and co-founder of Stamford, CT-based Flexible Resources.  “She can do one thing or the other, not both at the same time. If she has an important job and wants to be home to shuttle her kids to their after-school activities, she either has to have a flexible work arrangement or a nanny. Period.
    “The working women we see now span three generations, beginning with Baby Boomers, and now include legions from Gen X and Gen Y.  They are highly educated, many have years of experience in their fields, and nearly all are moms or hope to be moms one day. And we all know one universal truth. You can’t have it all,” says Ms. Mockler.

    And that’s why flexible work arrangements were invented. So the then-baby boomer women, the first generation of women to attempt en masse to raise families and continue to work in their careers, could be successful at both.

    “Something has to give. There’s no way to have it all,” says Ms. Mockler’s partner Laurie Young.  “We have worked with thousands of candidates in the past two decades, brilliant women who have all elected – or been forced to – step onto the Mommy Track so they could continue pursuing their career goals and be available to their children during the formative years.

    “When we opened our doors 20 years ago, we were two MBA moms who had been displaced from our fast-track careers in advertising by the births of our first children (who are now sophomores in college!).  More than 90% of our candidates were baby boomers like us in our early 30s,” said Ms. Young.

    “As the years went by, Gen X, and now Gen Y women have joined the forerunning Boomers to come through our doors, already understanding that work/life balance was a necessity, and all were ready to trade higher salaries, job titles, promotions and corner offices to get it.”

        While work/life balance was once the only reason for flexible work arrangements, it’s evolved into a common-sense bottom-line solution for businesses.

    And now flexible staffing – which includes a four-day work week and telecommuting – are the most effective ways for a company to go green.

    “Simply by working from one home day a day, we cut greenhouse emissions, gas consumption, and cost by 20 percent,” says Ms. Mockler.

    “’Having it all’ has been exposed. Women knew it before anyone, but now more and more companies understand that the best way to attract and retain top talent is to offer flexibility. Our 24/7 global workplace and electronic communications make it a lot easier than when we started. Flexibility has displaced ‘having it all.’ It just makes too much sense to be dismissed as a trend.”
    Flexible Resources, Inc. has offices in Connecticut and New Jersey. Call 203-351-1180 or visit

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