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Proven Resources on Flexible Staffing

Flexible Resources introduced flexible staffing more than 20 years ago and we continue to champion workplace flexibility and work–life balance.  We are proud of our groundbreaking history, which proves that flexible work arrangements are not only good for employees, they are smart for business. 

If your company is new to the concept of flexible work arrangements or is struggling with how to implement flexible staffing, our Consulting Services can get you started.

We have so much knowledge about flexible work options and work–life balance, we even wrote a book on it!  Here’s a commonsense guide to workplace alternatives based on real world experience and research…from the originators of workplace flexibility!

In addition to hundreds of Flexible Resources success stories, we have compiled independent research that proves flexible staffing is smart business and that flexibility:

  • Makes workers more productive and focused.
  • Reduces costly absenteeism and job turnover.
  • Improves employee morale and company loyalty.
  • Enables companies to better handle fluctuating workloads and special projects, and to work within tight budgets.

Flexible Resources’s success is based on readily sharing our knowledge.  If you have a question about flexible work arrangements that isn’t answered within our Web site, Ask Us!

Our “Flex Links” is a “best of” list with Web sites and organizations that can supply you more information about flexible staffing, policies, and strategies.

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