flexible resources is a staffing and consulting firm that specializes in placing professionals in flexible work arrangements. Flexible Resources is the originator of flexible job options, with a 20-plus-year history of proven success. Our team of executive recruiters excels at problem-solving and our candidates are among the best in their fields.

Flexible jobs take a variety of forms, including:

  • Full- or part-time contract positions
  • Permanent part-time
  • Telecommuting
  • Job-sharing

Flexible Resources is not a database of names – we specialize in innovative staffing solutions based on in-depth knowledge about our clients and candidates, strategic thinking, and good old common sense.


Flexible Resources focusing on new small businesses looking for top talent on a budget

Entrepreneurs embracing our flexible work strategies to acquire big-ticket talent, improve productivity, and keep overhead low

“Flexible staffing arrangements transcend all economic conditions.”

What are you waiting for? Those companies willing to look at new staffing strategies are acquiring the best people now to take them forward.

 The economy is forcing all types of companies to reevaluate their budgets and how they hire.   The old way of hiring doesn’t work anymore.  Only our non-traditional staffing gives companies the freedom and flexibility to stay competitive in all economic climates.


Here are just a few of our most recent success stories:

  • SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS STORY – A small technology company based in Stamford, CT was seeking a professional to work on documentation, customer management and QA. We placed the perfect candidate, a woman looking to work full-time where she controlled her schedule. Both got exactly that they want --- the company got a person with all the skills and experience they needed and within budget, and our candidate gets to work her own hours, both in the office and from home.
  • MID-SIZED BUSINESS SUCCESS STORY -- A renewable energy company based in Westchester County came to us recently seeking a high-level financial analyst with an investment banking background, willing to work 15 hours a week. We made the perfect match and our candidate is now working in a job where she is immediately adding value and is in a position to grow along with the company.
  • BIG BUSINESS SUCCESS STORY – A major international hospitality chain based in Westchester was seeking a high-level marketing consultant who could hit the ground running from Day One with little or no learning curve. A four-day workweek fit perfectly with their limited budget and expanded our pool of available talent. 

 Call us at 203-351-1180 to find top professionals in marketing, finance, human resources, product development, and other areas of specialization, who can move your company forward while you focus on building the business.





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