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Go Ahead – Tap Our Brains
About Workplace Flexibility!

Flexible work options aren’t an overnight phenomena. We have made a lot of our progress just by talking to companies about alternative work options for their professional staffing needs. Our approach is “Let us help you!”  

We are available to meet with your Human Resources department and hiring managers at your offices and talk about what works.  Even if you don’t have an open position that you need to fill now, we can start the dialog so that when the opportunity arises, you can tap right into a smart and proven professional staffing strategy.

There are books (we’ve even written THE book on it) and advocacy groups (we have a list of very helpful ones) about alternative work options.  But we believe the very best information comes directly from engaging in conversation with Flexible Resources because we are on the front lines of the workplace every day, creating custom-designed flexible work arrangements that are good for business.

We can help you explore win-win alternative work options, such as: 

  • Hiring a superbly qualified permanent part-time executive when working with a limited budget.
  • Staffing with experienced professionals on a seasonal basis to match the annual ebb and flow of work.
  • Telecommuting to retain a highly valued manager who can produce and submit work from home.
  • Using contract placements to back-fill full-time positions that may be open because of a hiring freeze, or to cover for employees on maternity leave or FMLA.
  • Creating a job share team to retain a valued employee who wants to cut back on his or her hours.

Its time you prove it to yourself that flexibility can work for your company. There’s no risk in talking to us about your options.