BookA commonsense guide to America's workplace


Ms. Mockler and Ms. Young wrote this book to present the business case for flexible work options. With more than 20 years of frontline experience behind them, they go beyond think-tank theories to offer real-world experience and research that will help companies establish a New Workplace that works better —
for business and for families.

Finally... a commonsense guide to America's workplace revolution based on 13 years of
real world experience and research

book-fullsizeNadine Mockler and Laurie Young, like millions of other women in the Baby Boom generation, were raised to believe they could have it all. With MBAs in hand they entered the professional world, advancing their careers in advertising for more than 10 years before motherhood beckoned, only to be told there was no room at the office for soccer games and snow days.


Temporarily sidelined, they began meeting women like themselves: equally capable, educated and idealistic, happy in motherhood,
but wanting more.

So in 1989 they put their business insight and entrepreneurial zeal to work and founded Flexible Resources, Inc, with the mission of helping women (and increasingly, men), establish careers – and keep them – by working part time.

Their initial success came during the recession of 1990-1991, when companies needed to attract the best candidates on suddenly shrunken budgets. Now, as then, Flexible Resources is based on the belief that flexible work options succeed not just because they are family-friendly, but because of their bottom-line effectiveness in creating a productive, motivated, focused, and loyal workforce.

Ms. Mockler is married and the mother of four children. She resides in Westchester County, New York. Ms. Young, also married and a mother of three, resides in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Their company, Flexible Resources, Inc, has offices in Stamford and Hartford, Connecticut, and in Fairfield, New Jersey.
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